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The Barn at Shady Acres Organic Farm is an online farmers market for purchasing much of what is available on the farm.  You can also keep up to date on our Farm to Table events, new products and much more.

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Farm News

Today on the Farm

Matthew Finkle

We are now open Saturdays only from 11-4.  There are still so many veggies looking for a home.  Kale, broccoli, collards, squash, eggplant, cabbage, herbs and of course our wonderful heirloom tomatoes.  So many!  Check out our upcoming tomato workshop on 9/18.  Hope to see you later!

ON THE FARM 9/2-9/4

Matthew Finkle

Labor Day Weekend--came so fast!  Starting next week we will be open Saturday's only until October 15th and then close for a while.  This week we have eggplant, peppers, corn, squash, broccoli, lettuce, kale, cabbage, and of course our beautiful heirloom tomatoes.  Baked goods are always available. See you 11-4.

ON THE FARM 8/26-8/28

Matthew Finkle

Wow--summers almost over but we are still going strong.  This week we have eggplant, peppers, kale, summer squash, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, lettuce and some delicious corn.  Stop in on the way to or back from the Otisville Country Fair that is going on right down the road.  We are here 11-4.

ON THE FARM 8/19-8/21

Matthew Finkle

This week we have some beautiful white corn along with the bi-color.  We also have peppers, cabbage, kale, collards,  broccoli, lettuce, summer squash, and of course our wonderful heirloom tomatoes.  Soup, quiche, gluten free pizzas and looks like zucchini parm this week as a quick meal.  Hope to see you this weekend 11-4.

ON THE FARM 8/5-8/7

Matthew Finkle

Finally!  Much needed rain and the plants just loved it.  This week we have lettuce, broccoli, kale, cabbage, collard greens, cucumbers, summer squash, and of course our wonderful heirloom tomatoes.  Our quiche and cobblers continue to be popular.  And its never too hot for soup!  See you this weekend.  Friday-Sunday 11-4


Matthew Finkle

We are so pleased that our canning workshops have been received so well!  August is a bountiful month for harvested fruits and vegetables that are yearning to be preserved.  Our August canning workshops have been scheduled.  Please check out our events calendar for all the necessary information.

ON THE FARM 7/8-710

Matthew Finkle

Thank you, thank you for the rain but we could use 2 or 3 more days of some rain to saturate everything.  But in the meantime, the plants thank you Mother Nature!  Kale and collards are doing well. Beans and cucumbers are about ready--probably available next week. So long to the asparagus, its done for the year.  The tomatoes are huge and ready to turn.  You can not imagine how many calls I get about the tomatoes.  Soon......

Quiches, cobblers, muffins, cookies, jams and jellies, granola, honey and maple syrup are waiting for takers.  See you 11-4.

ON THE FARM 7/1-7/3

Matthew Finkle


Our first birdhouse workshop on the farm was a great success!  Could have used more glue guns but all in all the end products were gorgeous.  Every birdhouse decorated with things found on the farm.

This week we have lettuce, kale, collard greens, radishes, hikarai turnips, our delicious cobblers and quiche and of course our jams. Soup is carrot ginger and salad is wheatberry feta.  Hope to see you this weekend.


ON THE FARM 6/17-6/19

Matthew Finkle

Can you believe it!  The planting is finally done.  Should have been completed weeks ago--in fact a month ago is more like it. Weather and the births of my two grandchildren slowed things down.  We are back on track now.

Kale is almost ready--one more week I think.   Broccoli and beans look great also and those tomatoes!!!

This week arugula, organic lettuce, asparagus, herbs, and all of our great prepared food.  Soup, grain salad, pizza and quiche on Saturday along with cobblers, cookies, muffins and breads.

Reminder:  This Saturday 1-4 we are having yet another jam workshop. Learn the basics of making homemade jam and jelly and go home with your own creations.  $50 a person.  Let me know by Friday.

ON THE FARM 6/3-6/5

Matthew Finkle

With the fencing finally done, the planting is coming to an end.  Tomatoes in the hoop house are growing and blooming.  Can't wait!

This week we have asparagus (still going strong), lots of beautiful organic lettuce,  arugula, radishes, sorrel, and herbs.  Soup is non dairy cream of asparagus soup, grain salad is bulgur wheat with chick peas and dill.  Don't forget our muffins, cookies and quiche on Saturday.  The cobblers were so well received, I will be making them weekly.  If you want to preorder, let me know.  Can 't make too many, have to eat them. 

Hope to see you soon.  Friday-Sunday 11-4.


Matthew Finkle

roxy lettuce.gif

We are now open Friday-Sunday 11-4. 

We have gorgeous organic lettuce, arugula, asparagus, radishes, spinach and lots of different herbs.  This week's baked goods are a variety of cookies, muffins, blueberry rhubarb and strawberry rhubarb cobblers.  Salad is Mexican quinoa and soup is mushroom/celery/garlic. And of course, we have our signature jams and relishes, homemade granola, certified organic maple syrup from Catskill Mountain Sugar House and raw honey from the bees on the farm.

 Hope to see you on this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!

ON THE FARM 5/21/16

Matthew Finkle

The planting is almost complete as is the fencing and irrigation.  Another week and we can sit back and wait for all those wonderful gifts that nature has to offer.  By the way, it also offered a bunny rabbit that ate all my broccoli!  Not to worry--planting more but it may be delayed.

Next week we will have our full opening.  Thursday-Sunday 11-4.  Tomorrow we are open 11-4 with beautiful organic lettuce, radishes, arugula, spinach, sorrel, herbs and our prepared quiches, soup, meals, and baked goods.  Look forward to seeing you then.

ON THE FARM 5/14/16

Matthew Finkle

You would think that so much got done this week with such great weather.  Instead, we welcomed my new granddaughter Elizabeth! What a glorious week!

This week we have spinach, arugula, radish, asparagus, sorrel, lettuce and lots of herbs,

Soup is Cream of Asparagus and salad is Chicken Tabouleh. Quiches, pizzas and veggie burgers are always available.  Unfortunately, no pies this week as I promised last week but I'll try to make some rhubarb dessert!

See you Saturday 11-4!

ON THE FARM 5/7/16

Matthew Finkle

Seriously---enough with the rain!  Ready for planting last week but everything was muddy.  Hopefully this week seeds can go into the ground.  Thankfully we have the hoop house!

This week we have spinach, arugula, sorrel, lettuce, asparagus and a variety of herbs.  Soup is carrot ginger, grain salad is lentil with carrot and kale and our veggie burgers are better than anything you can buy in the supermarket.  Our quiches and pizzas are always available as are our baked goods.

Next week strawberry rhubarb pie--but you need to preorder!

See you later!  11-4


ON THE FARM 4/30/16

Matthew Finkle

Last day of April!  How did that happen--pressure is on to get everything in the ground yet its so cold...

Our sorrel and asparagus have braved the elements and are ready.  Arugula, spinach and lettuce are producing in the hoop house and are ready to go home with someone. 

Baked goods, quiches, soups, grain salads and pizzas are always available. This week we have pumpkin bread made with the last farm pumpkin of 2016!

See you later--11-4.

ON THE FARM 4/23/16

Matthew Finkle

This week of beautiful weather was a welcome change.  So much got done this week.  Rhubarb got divided (13 more plants), 140 tomato plants went into the hoop house, and the asparagus has started to produce.  This week root vegetables are going in the outside plots.

We are open today 11-4. Fresh quiches, Leek and Potato soup, peanut ginger soba noodles and roasted beet and fennel salad are waiting for you. See you later!

ON THE FARM 4/16/16

Matthew Finkle

The weather is finally cooperating!  Things are moving now on the farm.  New fencing is getting delivered today.  Tomatoes can finally sit outside to harden and will be planted in the hoop house end of next week.  Lettuce and arugula should be ready in a few weeks and my ASPARAGUS has peeked out of the ground and will be available soon.

Currently we have our spinach and herbs.  Soups,  quiche, pizza and grain salads are ready, along with cookies and muffins.  Also, our jam workshop is this Saturday.  There is still room for 2 people.   If we don't see you, have a beautiful weekend!


Matthew Finkle

Our workshop on the basics of canning, "Canning 101" is being offered on Thursday the 31st from 6-8.  If you are interested please contact us by Wednesday.